Canada - 1998 2 Dollars - NBU


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Proof-like Coins (PL)

These types of coins produced by the Royal Canadian Mint are not intended for circulation despite the fact that their composition is identical to coins produced for circulation. The grade of these coins is never below PL-60, since the appearance of a PL coin with a state of wear lower than that is generally no longer distinctive of a circulation coin. Proof Like coins are sold in Pliofilm branded plastic wrappers, but can still be found in circulation as these wrappers are sometimes opened by collectors, often for certification purposes. The term UNC is, among others, used by CCCS to designate PL coins.

The Royal Canadian Mint strikes these coins with new working wedges to achieve a higher quality finish than the circulation coins.


Designates a coin that is not produced for circulation. The PL, PR and SP coins are all BU or NBU.