CANADA – 2012 2 Dollars – HMS Shannon – NBU


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2 dollar circulation coin commemorating the HMS Shannon, famous for defeating and capturing the USS Chesapeake as well as towing the American ship to Halifax harbour. 23 members of the Shannon’s crew perished in this historic naval battle in June 1813. Grave markers of these fallen sailors can be found at the Royal Navy Cemetery and at the Old Burial Ground, administered by St. Paul’s Church. Paul, in Halifax. The Shannon’s bell is currently on display at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, also in Halifax.

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  • Issuer Canada
  • Queen Elizabeth II (1952-present)
  • Type Current Coin
  • Dates 2012-2020
  • Value 2 dollars
  • Canadian Currency Dollar (1858-Present)
  • Bimetallic composition: brass-plated aluminum bronze center and nickel-plated steel ring
  • Weight 6,92 g
  • Diameter 28 mm
  • Thickness 1,75 mm
  • Shape: Round
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