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Welcome to L'Imperium du Collectionneur, a site tailor-made to help new collectors and well as those looking to complete their collection with the right piece.

Our Story

The Collector's Imperium was not born overnight.

From the age of 12, Stéphane Desormiers was interested in collecting – collecting hockey cards! He begins with innocuous exchanges to end up with a few cases (yes, cases!) of hockey cards of all kinds in his early teens.

Meanwhile, Stéphane’s big brother is showing interest in a new sport – boxing. Stéphane follows his big brother in one of his training sessions and takes a liking to it. Between his high school lessons and his bartering of a hockey card, Stéphane got more and more involved in this new sport … to finally participate in his first fight, only a month after starting training! Victory follows and… a new passion is born for the young Stéphane.

Boxing suddenly changed Stéphane’s life forever.

More than 100 fights later, a professional boxing career  that allowed him to travel all around the globe (he represented the national team and participated in fights as far as Indonesia) – Stéphane has accumulated unimaginable memories since this first fight. As he often says, “Always ready to go to war”, Stéphane rarely collapsed under opposing pressure. A true artist of the ring, Stéphane was renowned for his ardor, his resistance and his perseverance in boxing. He was the star of the Boxerock series in the early 2000s and filled venues with energized spectators ready to see a whole show!

In 2010, with his professional boxing career behind him, Stéphane decided to share his passion in a different way.

In 2010, with his professional boxing career behind him, Stéphane decided to share his passion… differently!

It is a real pleasure to share my passion for numismatics with all those who, like me, seek out the history of coins.

— Stéphane Desormiers —

But hold on - what happened to those hockey cards?

Stéphane still has them!

Over time, he marvels at seeing others like him who collect all kinds of objects: stamps, vinyls, antiques, etc. Stéphane quickly became intrigued by the value of these items seen by others… and understands it for himself when he stumbles upon a 1964 silver dollar with an impressive rainbow tone, during his career as boxing. Little by little, he discovered the world of numismatics and sees his curiousity grow by details, tones, materials and errors in all sorts of different forms of currency. His approach to numismatics is the same as with boxing: he loves interacting with clients, understanding their needs, their particular situation … His ability to adapt is unparalleled (a skill developed during his coaching career), he is motivated to understand, to interact, to dissect and to gain the respect and the confidence of all. Here we are now with L’Imperium du Collectionneur, a whole new and exciting world for a former boxer, generous with his time and knowledge, ready to share the story of each piece with the world.